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The Marine & Environmental Research Institute is a nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and people from the harmful impacts of toxic chemical exposure. The Institute produces scientific research that drives change and inspires solutions to the pressing environmental issues of our day. From flame retardants to plastics, our discoveries have informed public opinion and fueled key legislation, which impacts millions of people in Maine and across the country.

Feature Story

From Laboratory to Legislature

Director Dr. Susan Shaw testifies in Minnesota to help pass the nation’s toughest ban on flame retardant chemicals to date. 

Scaled-back flame retardant ban clears House hurdle

A House committee has approved a bill that would ban four types of flame-retardant chemicals. > learn more

Photo by Elizabeth Dunbar / MPR News. © 2015 Minnesota Public Radio. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Reckless Endangerment: The Gulf Oil Spill Revisited - Susan Shaw at TEDxMidAtlantic


Focus Areas

Through its focused initiatives, the Institute addresses critical health and environmental issues related to toxic chemical exposure among people and wildlife. From ocean plastics to human and wildlfie exposure, we strive to bring science-based solutions to these priority concerns.

Human Exposure

Plastics and

Marine Wildlife Exposure

Oil Spill Response

Maine Coast Monitoring

Lecture Series

Upcoming Events

2017 Summer Lecture Series:

June 14th  Dr Paul Mayewksi. Climate Change: Scientific Evidence or 'Alternative Facts'?
July 12th   MERI Open House & Marine Research Update:  Who's at Risk?
July 27th   Dr. David Gallo. Global Climate: Are we about to have a Titanic experience?
Aug 12th   Pete Oxford.  My Journey as a Conservation Photographer.
Aug 16th   A Documentary Screening at MERI:  Chasing Coral, directed by Jeff Orlowski
Aug 30th   Dr. Anna Roos. Superchemicals: A Threat to People, Otters and other Wildlife.
Sept 6th    Dr. Jeremy Jackson. From Problems to Solutions: Moving Beyond Environmental Doom and Gloom.
Lectures begin at 6 pm, following a speaker's reception at 5:30 pm. All lectures are free and open to the public.

How you can help support our important work

Your contribution supports our work to protect wildlife and people from the harmful impacts of toxic chemical exposure.